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Adrift Hotel

Long Beach, WA

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Long Beach, WA

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409 Sid Snyder DR Long Beach, WA 98631

+1 360 642 2344

Good Food is Simple.

We think good food, good music and good drinks aren’t just indulgences, but essentials. That’s why we go out of our way to create a thoughtful and wholly distinctive dining experience. We create food, craft cocktails and book music which reflects and connects you with everything that is unique about this beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest.

Our Local Partners

Executive Chef China Martinez

Chef China Martinez is an artisan chef that has over 10 years of experience in cooking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She stays true to her roots and selects her ingredients with care and observation of the seasons. From locally sourced mushrooms in the fall, to fresh baby greens in the spring, China know what's fresh and brings her locally sourced meals to the table highlighting their flavor.

Cocktail for a Cause.

Drinking is so much nicer when it's for charity. Every month we choose a local non-profit, charity or campaign to help out, and design en exclusive cocktail to honour them. For every cocktail we sell, 50% of the profits go to that month's charity.

We're living La Vida Local.

We support the character and entrepreneurs of the Peninsula by sourcing ingredients grown in the surrounding area, by folks who share our values and who are part of our wider community. We use local, foraged, grass-fed, wild-caught and organic ingredients wherever possible. We want to reflect where we are and what we've come from through our creative yet simple menu choices.

Local Partners

Live Music Every Night

We love good, live music and we have musicians playing nearly every night. Our Booker Ezra Holbrook curates a selection of artists and bands from across the Pacific Northwest and the wider US for us. Spanning genres from Gypsy Jazz to Psychedelic Punk and Bluegrass, we're very lucky to host some great talents. Check out our Music and Events page to find out who is playing and when.

Live Music

We're Social Justice Warriors

We’re a women-led business, we advocate for family policies - such as paid maternity leave - that help women in the workplace. Rather than asking for tips in our restaurant, we include a service charge on all checks which gives all of our hourly staff a living wage and better benefits.

We're Committed to Sustainability

We have recycling bins throughout our kitchen, we use solar power to supplement our power needs, and we have rainwater collectors to reduce water wastage. We choose organic and local wherever possible, and we use only biodegradable non-toxic cleaners. Recently we decided to reduce our waste in the restaurant through only giving out napkins and straws to those who ask. Green is more than just a tickbox for us, and we’re constantly striving to improve.