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Starvation Alley - Organic Cranberry Farms.

Conventionally grown cranberries require 100 pounds of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides per growing season. And with the specific nature of the crop - the boggy fields need to be flooded before harvesting - those 100 pounds go directly into local waterways. Until Jessica Tantisook and Jared Oakes decided in 2009 they were going to do what everyone said couldn't be done, and grow their own organically certified cranberries.

Featured in the New York Times, Modern Farmer and Lucky Peach magazine, these Long Beach locals are true pioneers in the cranberry field. As well as running their own farm, Starvation Alley incentivizes cranberry farmers to go through a three year certifying process to become organic growers. They work not only to ensure a market for that future organic crop, but during the three year period, Starvation Alley buy the not-yet-certified-organic crop from the farmer as well, easing the transition.

With such delicious berries on the peninsula, we've got a great range of dishes on our menus and we sell Starvation Alley's incredible no sugar, 100% cranberry juice in the Adrift lobby.